Regeneration of "Ex Frigorifero Militare"

The project for the " Ex-Military Fridge " is based on the following strategies:

Memory and future | The first strategy concerns the relationship with history and therefore the choice of preserving the external walls of the existing building in the conviction that memory represents the starting point on which to create any possible future and that the stratification of the different eras, often visible in our cities, represents a strength and a distinguishing mark.

Background and figure | The second strategy concerns the language and the construction of a serial architecture, in some ways almost severe, which derives from the desire to seek coherence with the identifying rigour of the city of Cuneo, a consequence of its military origin. Two figures contrast with the seriality of the structure: two " cavities " which, subtracted from the volume, represent an urban signal, identifying the main entrances, underlining the open and public feature of the project. In some way the design represents a balance between figure and background, between absence and presence.

Openness and sharing | Lastly, the third strategy concerns porosity, meant as the building's capacity to welcome, to open up to the community, to extend the public urban space inside itself. The desire to open up the building and make it into a "multifunctional urban container, a pole of attraction for the positive energies of the community" was the main objective of the project. In this sense, the two large openings are the "doors" of the system and lead to the courtyard, a space for citizens in a continuum with the space of the square. Coherently from a functional point of view, it was decided to locate the more public spaces on the ground floor – the exhibition spaces, the halls and the bar-bistrot – while the first and second floors house the offices and all the workshop and educational activities.

Client: Fondazione CRC
Location: Cuneo, Italy
Programme: Exhibition spaces, Bookshop, Restaurants, Lecture halls, Ateliers, Parking
Status: Design competition
Dates: Competition 2020
Design: Labics (Maria Claudia Clemente, Francesco Isidori)
Project team: Federico Pitzalis, Maria Iva Sacchetti
Consultants: Structural engineering & MEP: 3TI Progetti Italia S.p.A.