Human Technopole - Milan

The project of the New Building for the HT Campus is an innovative project from all points of view: in the architectural language, in the construction technologies, in the environmental sustainability, in the plant choices and in the economic efficiency.

It is a unique and emblematic building because it is able to best express the nature and the reasons why it was designed and together the strategic activity that will be carried out there; for this reason it is also a building of undisputed iconicity because its form and its language do not derive from a "garment" applied a posteriori that conveys its image, but from pure necessity.

The New HT building is in fact conceived as a knowledge factory; a building that inherits from the factories and industrial buildings of the last century that sense of necessity typical of production buildings but with a very different mission: where once objects and material goods were produced, now the most precious asset is produced : knowledge of human life. For this reason, the design of the new building has the same constructive essentiality as the factories; a building capable of expressing and communicating the structure that supports it and, through the transparency of the facades, the presence of the people who work there. Architectural language and structure are considered in their inseparable synthesis: a synthesis in which constructive intelligence and utility, in the highest sense of the term, produce beauty.

Client: Arexpo S.p.A, Fondazione Human Technopole
Location: Milan
Programme: Campus, Research Centre, Laboratories, Parking
Area: 22.150 sqm (Campus) 6.290 sqm (New Building)
Cost: 94.518.517 euro
Consultans: F&M Engeneenering
Dates: Competition 2019
Design: Labics (Maria Claudia Clemente, Francesco Isidori)
Project team: Tommaso Mennuni, Federico Pitzalis